Please follow steps 1,2, 3, & 4 to customize your KA-BAR

  • Text area A: Generally the person's name
  • Text area B: Often is a date(s) title, position, or nickname
  • Text area C: Generally a personalized message
  • Text area D: Generally a personalized message
  • Complete Your Order

Step 1: Choose a logo from either the Air Force branch or from the entire library

Many Custom Logos can be converted to a laserable format for your KA-BAR
If you select "My Custom Logo" from the list below, you will need to submit a graphic that is ready to use for engraving! Blurry, low DPI, or images with shadows/many colors may not be made laserable. You will be emailed (or called) if we cannot use your file.

Choose From Entire Military Logo Library